The Amherst Club's annual cabaret fundraiser for local service organizations
was a great success

Some highlights from 2015:

In 2015, the event raised some $12,000  for the following local service organizations:

In addition, we announced our new Youth Community Service Awards--offered in partnership with the Amherst Boys' and Girls' Club--for local school students.

Dedicated to Community Service

The Amherst Club, founded in 1983, includes men and women living or working in the greater Amherst area who are linked by a common interest in enhancing the quality of life for themselves and their neighbors. Their efforts, aimed at community betterment, include supporting social service, cultural, and educational activities in the area.

The Club meets in the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays for luncheon, conversation, and a program, usually a guest speaker. It has other occasional social gatherings. These social events serve to bring together community leaders who might not otherwise come to know one another. Currently, the meetings are at Bistro 63 at the Monkey Bar, 63 N Pleasant St., from 12:15 until 1:30 pm. Guests are welcome at a charge of $14.  Lunches are canceled due to snow when Amherst schools are closed.

The Club performs fundraising for local service organizations:

The "Spring to Life" Cabaret is our major annual benefit event.

We also maintain an endowment fund, which, beginning in 2015, in partnership with the Amherst Amherst Boys' and Girls' Club, grants Youth Community Service Awards to local school students.


• The Amherst Club welcomes diversity among its members, and encourages civic-minded men and women living or working in the greater Amherst area to join. Members attend weekly luncheon meetings and demonstrate their concern for the community by devoting time and effort to the Club’s endeavors. Especially important is working on the Club’s annual fundraiser.

 • Membership inquiries are welcome. Applications for membership are reviewed for approval by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors. 

 • Membership dues cover the costs of operating the Club, primarily the Tuesday lunches enjoyed by members.  Dues are billed quarterly as follows:

        Full Membership:             $75 per quarter
        Associate Membership:     $30 per quarter
        Guest Luncheon Fee:         $14 per luncheon 

Full membership includes all luncheons.

Associate status is an option for members who know that they will be unable to attend Tuesday meetings regularly.  Dues for Associate Members include one lunch per quarter. These members attend additional luncheons by paying the guest fee.

Amherst Club on Amherst Media

Watch Cynthia Brubaker's interview on Amherst Media with President Roger Webb
and founding member Phyllis Lehrer, talking about the Club and the Spring to Life fundraiser

Contact Us

If you have a question or a comment about the Amherst Club, please write us at:

        The Amherst Club
        P.O. Box 2002
        Amherst, MA 01004-2002

or call President Joan Hanson at (413)259-1623 or email jhanso2@yahoo.com

We'll reply as soon as possible.


Meetings and Events

Host of our weekly meetings: Bistro 63


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