June 27, 2017

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President Allen Hanson opened the meeting with a report on the state of the club.
Board and Member Decisions
* It was decided to reduce the scope of our fundraising and our big Annual Event was not held this year.
* We voted to have only 2 meetings per month to be held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays in the month beginning with the quarter that starts October 1st, , 2016. 
* We instituted brown bag lunches on the in-between Tuesday of the month.  They have been very successful and fun.
     There was no interest in changing the current schedule of lunches.
* Dues:   The Board voted that On October 1, the new per quarter dues structure would be $75 for full members and $30 for Associates.
* Linda Honan brought forth the new brochure that she, Ruth Miller, Jacquie Price and Allen Hanson have developed. The brochure is upbeat, positive, and colorful.
* The Board decided to suspend the Club’s membership in the Amherst Chamber of Commerce.  Money could be better used for allocations.
* Therese Donohue took over as our Club Treasurer.
* It was decided that after 3 QUARTERS of non-payment of dues, a letter regarding termination options will be sent to the member.
* The Board changed the membership process to now allow open membership
*We welcomed Angelo Mazzocco, Jules Chametzky and  Carol Dick as new members.
Philanthropic Events
* A transfer of stock from a donor to our Endowment Fund at The Community Foundation for redistribution to All Out Adventures was carried out.
* The Club’s annual student service award from our Endowment Fund went to ARHS senior Ben Goldman. The Boys and Girls Club presented the check for $700 to Ben, and a donation of $50 was made in Ben’s name to Ability PLUS at Mount Snow.
* The school backpack support collection raised $135.
* The Amherst Club again participated in the Amherst Education Fund’s Trivia Bee!
* The Club had a large representation at the Jones Sammy Awards on May 2.  Our $500 sponsorship ad was well received and honored Arthur Kinney. A thank you note from Arthur was read.
* The Board decided to suspend the Club’s membership in the Amherst Chamber of Commerce.  Money could be better used for allocations.
Treasurer, Therese Donohue, reported a bank balance of 14,517.50. Total Income was 26,751.44 and expenses were 12,234.19.  Included in the above totals are the Endowment donations of $1093.55.  $593 of the Endowment donations are held in the checking account for ease of disbursement.  The Community Foundation holds $32,797.91 for the Club and we have $1390.00 that we can draw on for allocations.
We now have about 60 members.  The dues structure seems to be working fine.
The Membership expressed interest in allocating at least half of our bank balance to recipients to be determined.  In a discussion regarding fundraising, the members had several thoughts
·      Our energy/resources seem to be limited for holding a large event again.
·      Could we pick out just 1 organization to support?
·      Have a Tag sale on the South Amherst Common..and hold other small events.
·      Start a mentoring program/ volunteer to do English tutoring thru the Jones.
·      Create a lockbox to hold funds although our Endowment contributions are probably similar to this idea.
·      Support a project happening now and give a larger amount.
·      Solicit some ideas from past recipients.
·      Perhaps members would contribute the amount of an event ticket without having to do the work involved.
The Secretary cast one Ballot for the following slate of officers.
President:  Gigi Barnhill
Vice President/ Allocations:  Philippe Galaski
Secretary:  Joan Hanson
Treasurer/Registrar:  Therese Donohue (these positions are newly meshed this coming year)
Archives:  Jacquie Price
Program:  Ellen Kosmer, Larry Siddall, Andrea Battle
Nominations:  Allen Hanson
Lunch Notes:  Linda Honan
Membership:  Ellen Kosmer
Activities:  Phyllis Lehrer
Webmaster:  Jim Wald
Allen passed around the Club Directory for updates for the 2017 issue
Member Roger Webb suggested that officers remain in their positions for 2 years.  Board will discuss this idea.
A brown bag lunch for July 18 has not been scheduled.  Members were asked to contact new President, Gigi Barnhill, if they wish to have one.
Alice Swift won the wine
Nancy Brose won the raffle money.
Meeting adjourned at 1:25.
Respectfully Submitted,
Joan Hanson, Board Secretary

June 13, 2017

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Lunch notes for June 13, 2017
At Bistro 63, President Allen Hanson called the meeting to order on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.
Phyllis reminded us of the TASTE of AMHERST this weekend.
Gigi announced the Amherst Historical Society’s garden tour on Sat. June 24….10 to 4.  Tickets at Andrew’s Garden, AJ Hastings and Hadley Garden Center.  $25
BROWN BAG LUNCH on Tuesday, June 20 at Therese’s house to celebrate Elsie Fetterman’s 90th birthday.  Come at noon.  17 Juniper Lane
Lois announced the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Craft Fair on June 24th.  She will be there with her Birds of a Feather.
The Literary Feasts start June 20 at the Pub.  15% of sales goes to the Friends of the Jones Libraries.  Suggested reading (optional) is Cammie McGovern’s novel “Just My Luck”.  Bonnie says “Please join us”.
Tina had hosted a brown bag lunch on a lovely, unrainy day last month that was attended by about 12 people. She also mentioned that Mike was in the hospital but expected home soon.
Jean has seen former member, Doris Holden, who is still in her home at the age of 95.  They had a long chat.
Nancy Brose brought her grandson, Nathan.
Jacquie read a poem by Billy Collins called “Adage”.  It is from his book Ballistics.
Jeff Goodhind, librarian and archivist at the Renaissance Center showed us some of the rare books in the collection.
*1495 bible with commentary (in Latin)
*1662 natural philosophy copy printed in Paris
*1632 – “Metamorphosis”
* 17th century religious work (covered with paper waste from earlier days)
* “The Prince” with a vellum binding
* “Arcadia” – 1674 edition (16th edition)
* “Rolando Furioso”
* Tiny book of Erasmus – Octavo format with italic font
* A how-to book by Joseph Moxin, an early scientist.
* A 17th century work of architecture – a margin writer involved
* Framed works of a 1410 illuminated page, a page from a 1557 herb book – hand colored, and a manuscript of a 1440 Land Grant.
Back in the Renaissance days, paper was made from linen rags and books were covered using goat skin, calf skin, vellum.

Wine: Joan Hanson     
Money: Jim Scott                

Joan Hanson, scribe for the day

February 28, 2017

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Lunch notes for Feb. 28, 2017
At Bistro 63, President Allen Hanson called the meeting to order on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. He especially welcomed members Rachel Mustin, Margot Atkinson and Nancy Brose.  Gigi Barnhill introduced her guest, Bonnie MacCracken and Rachel introduced her guest, Susan Davis.
*Allen announced the next brownbag lunch is to be at Miriam Dayton’s home on March 21st.  20 people attended the bag lunch at Paul Bacon’s last week!  (Let Allen know if you are willing to host a lunch.)
*Linda Honan reminds us of the bulb shows starting at Mt. Holyoke and Smith.  Also, the sugar shacks are in full maple syrup operation.
*Jean Miller has a friend looking for a good knee-replacement doctor.  Any thoughts?
*Bonnie Isman mentioned the author’s lecture tonight (didn’t get the details).
 *Phyllis Lehrer reminded us about the High School musical “Anything Goes” to be held this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
 *Gigi said that the Civics Fest to be presented by the League of Women Voters is coming up and our Club team needs another person.  Flo Stern and Gigi are signed up and Andrea Battle is to be a judge.
*Elsie Fetterman reminded those in Amherst who may be away March 28 for the Special Election to get an absentee ballot at town hall.
*Gigi told us that the Historical Society will hold its History Bites on Friday, March 10, 2017.  Kitty Florey will speak about her new book, “Amity Street”, set in the 19th Century….  Noon to 1:00 PM and bring a sandwich!
Our speaker was Kathryn Buckley-Brawner, the Executive Director of Catholic Charities Agency, Diocese of Springfield.  She told us about the Refugee Resettlement Project.
In December 2015 the US Council of Catholic Bishops reached out to this program.  It was looking to resettle 110,000 refugees in the country.  Northampton let it be known that it is an open and welcoming community, had the capacity and services to take a couple of refugee families.  The contract came to the local Project in December 2016.
The process works this way……
Everything begins overseas.  Refugees apply to the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees and if selected go under the protection of the United Nations.
Then there can be 1 of 3 durable solutions.
1) return to country when safe    2) remain in country of 1st asylum   3) apply to be sent to another country which can take 18-24 months.
The US takes the largest number of refugees, 110,000 out of 65 million displaced people in the world.  Only 21 million receive refugee classification worldwide.
For Kathryns’ program 5 families were in the pipeline.  1 family came to Westfield (joining family already there) and 1 family came to Northampton.  She hopes that those affected by the President’s executive order will find a way to get here.
These refugees are fully vetted and are not the body of people to fear!  This refugee resettlement program is NOT the same as the sanctuary city designation.
Andrea noted that on Saturday, Grace Church is hosting a Sanctuary City discussion from 3-5:30.
Jacquie Price won the wine!  Andrea Battle won the $10.
Joan Hanson, scribe for the day

January 31, 2017

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President Allen Hanson called the meeting of the Amherst Club to order at noon on January 31th, 2017, at the Monkey Bar/Bistro 63, and welcomed us all. Allen noted that the January 24th meeting had been postponed to the 31st because of a snowstorm that closed the Amherst schools – when the schools close, the Club does not meet.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Now that we are meeting only twice each month, on the second and fourth Tuesday, we are looking for a member to host a brown bag lunch on the third Tuesday of the month. Jean Miller kindly invited us for January 17th   and thirteen members showed up for a pleasant event. Paul Bacon has stepped up for February 21st.  Thank you both! If anyone would like to host March 21st or April                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    18th, please let Allen know. To encourage us, Allen announced that the Club will reimburse anyone hosting a lunch up to $40 for the drinks and/or dessert they provide.

Because of the meeting’s postponement, there is no speaker today. Instead, Andrew Fisk of the Connecticut River Watershed Council will speak on February 14th.  

Allen announced that Pip Stromgren is organizing a fund to name a room at Cooley Dickinson Hospital’s new Comprehensive Breast Center for Ellen Story, our long-serving state representative. The amount needed is $10,000 by April 30th. If you would like to donate please send your gift to http://www.cooley-dickinson.org/giving/ and note that your gift is in honor of Ellen Story.

Allen announced the happy news that the Jones Library is honoring member Arthur Kinney, founding director of the UMass Center for Interdisciplinary Renaissance Studies, along with Cammie McGovern, with the Fourth Annual Samuel Minot Jones Award for Literary Achievement on Tuesday, May 2nd at 6 pm in the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College.

Therese Brady Donohue reminded us that it is time to pay our quarterly dues.

Future Speakers:

February 14th: Andrew Fisk Ph.D., Executive Director, Connecticut River Watershed Council. This organization advocates for the environmental well-being of the entire Connecticut River,

February 28th: Kathryn Buckley-Brawner, Executive Director of Catholic Charities for the Diocese of Springfield. Kathryn is overseeing the arrival and settlement of the refugees who were scheduled to arrive soon in Northampton from Syria and other stricken areas – she may be able to clarify for us what their status is now.

March 14th. Jade Alessandro Mace on Herbs both Culinary and Medicinal.


Sunday, Feb. 12th, 1-3 pm. Local jazz artists Lincoln Allen and David Picchi will be playing during brunch at Bistro 63/The Monkey Bar! We know how good the food is – so come along and chill out!

Sunday, Feb. 12th, 2 pm. Annual meeting of the Amherst Historical Society at the Jones Library. Jane Wald and member Jim Wald will receive Conch Shell Awards. Grace Church will receive the President’s Award. Julie Dubrow will present a lecture on Mabel Loomis Todd.

Ongoing – come to the O’s Bar on route 116 in Sunderland on Thursdays for bluegrass! Come about 8 pm and look for Ruth Miller! Bring your own food, and buy drinks at the bar. There is also a pool table. Enjoy!

Allen noted that the Shutesbury Athletic Club has music on Fridays. You can join for a modest fee.

Raffle:  Allen Hanson won the wine and Jean Miller won the $10.
Your scribe,                                           
 Linda Honan

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