6 September

posted Sep 22, 2016, 8:13 PM by Amherst Club
Vice-President Gigi Barnhill called the meeting of the Amherst Club to order at noon on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016, at the Monkey Bar/Bistro 63, and welcomed us all.                                                                                                                                                                                        

The club welcomed back Linda Honan after her hip surgery.

An envelope was passed around to gather donations for our waitress Melanie, who has now left us to attend UMass. Melanie was notably helpful and always did everything possible to make our meetings pleasant. Donations will be accepted at the next meeting also.


Jacquie Price read Maxine Kumin’s poem, “John Grace Takes his Warner, NH Neighbor to a Red Sox Game”.

Thank you, Jacquie!

Upcoming Speakers:

Philippe Galaski announced that our next speaker, on Tuesday September 13th, will be our young recently-elected state representative, Solomon Goldstein.


Amherst Cultural Council open meeting with information on the online grants application process, and any other questions.  Tuesday Sep. 13th, 4-6 pm, Jones Library Amherst room. Free and open to all.


History Bites Lunchtime Lecture series at the Strong House, 67 Amity Street,  Amherst, at 12:15 pm. Sep. 23rd: Amherst Club member Bonnie Isman will speak on Amherst College and the Birth of the Dewey Decimal System. Bring your brown bag, beverages and cookies provided. Program lasts 30 minutes. Free.



Philippe Galaski  introduced Zvi Rozen, president of the Western Massachusetts chapter of J Street, an Israeli-American group advocating for peace and a two-state solution to the Palestinian crisis.  Unlike the larger and better-known group AIPAC, J Street supports the Obama administration’s Iran deal, and lobbies both in Israel and the U.S. for a peaceful outcome in Israel. Their slogan is “For Israel and for Peace”. Unlike AIPAC, J Street believes that it is possible both to be a staunch upholder of Israel and to disagree with its current political positions. They criticize the government while supporting the Israeli people completely.  For more information, go to jstreet.org and to info@jstreet.org or to facebook.com/jstreet.org.

Raffle:  There was no raffle today.
Your scribe,                                                              
Linda Honan