November 24

posted Nov 30, 2015, 9:25 PM by Amherst Club
November 24, 2015

Vice President Allen Hanson welcomed everyone to today’s lunch. 
Miriam Dayton was again accompanied by her daughter-in-law.
Tina Berins will be traveling to Mexico at the end of January and will be collecting reading glasses…….old and new…… take with her.
Al Hanson asked that we take our nametags with us as he will not be carrying the box back and forth after the next couple of lunches.  There is no place to store the box near our lunch area.
Our speaker, Sara Scoco, is the Director of Women’s Program at SOLDIER ON.  She described the program as a non-profit whose mission is to end women veteran homelessness.  They have now 12 female vets in transitional housing. They provide full case management services including transitional housing, medical, mental and career help.  They offer complete gender specific care.
Women veterans in the program have lost everything….home, family, community, health.  95% have experienced trauma prior to going into the military.  80% have experienced military sexual trauma.  The women in this peer-led program need only have had 1 day of active duty to qualify and will stay 1 to 2 years.
Lou Ann Hazlewood (60) has been in the program since Feb 2012.  She shared her very moving story of a lifetime of abuse, bullying, homelessness, hunger, hurt.  She joined the Army in the late 70’s and gave 6 years of service where she suffered further hurt, fear, abuse.  SOLDIER ON has helped her find her voice as she recovers and bravely tells her story. Thru the program she is reconnecting with family, and building relationships with friends and community.
Joan Hanson (scribe for the day) won the wine.
Tina Berins won the money.