June 9

posted Jun 27, 2015, 11:45 PM by Amherst Club
The Amherst Club
Annual Meeting
June 9, 2015
President Roger Webb called the meeting to order at 12:50 PM.  He began with calling for nominations for Board positions for the coming year.  The new officers voted in are:

President: Andrea Battle
Vice Pres:  Allen Hanson
Secretary:  Joan Hanson
Treasurer: Bonnie Isman
Registrar:  Vivienne Carey
Membership: Ellen Kosmer, Barbara Freed
Note taker:  Linda Honan
Program:   Claude Tellier, Philippe Galaski
Attendance:  Gigi Barnhill
Activities:   Larry Siddall
Archives:  Honore David
Webmaster:  Jim Wald
Fundraising:  To be determined

Guest:  Miriam Dayton’s son Philip Zahradnik

Announcements:  The Amherst Club has applied for membership in the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce.  Secretary Joan Hanson will be the primary contact for the Club.
Rani Arbo and daisy mahem will be playing at the Porter Phelps Huntington in Hadley on June 10.  Ruth Miller says bring a chair and bug repellant.  Great harmony!
Watermelon Wednesdays in West Whately will host Dutch violinist Tim Kliphuis on Wednesday, June 17. He is in the U.S. for gypsy jazz, “Django in June.”
Family Outreach has tickets for Light up the Night, Friday, June 10 at 5:30.  $100 for ticket.
Contact Claude Tellier for the North Amherst Community Farm fundraising brunch on June 21st at Pulpit Hill cohousing community house. This is the fund raising to retire the last $100,000 of the original project of $1,200,000.
The Amherst Club may join the backpack project again in August.  Board will discuss.
Gayle Lauradunn, a former Club member, will hold a poetry reading at Amherst Books on Thursday, June 18 at 7:00.  She now lives in Albuquerque.
Lois Barber is looking for a volunteer for her international organization, EarthAction, based here in Amherst. Starting September, she needs someone to manage their membership (currently using Salesforce database for non-profit organizations), and their websites, and to send out monthly emails. Training provided. Contact her at lois@earthaction.org<mailto:lois@earthaction.org> or on her cell: 413 427-8827.  See the attachment at the end of these notes.
The Amherst Club’s award from the endowment fund has gone to two students as planned.  The High School award went to Gabrielle Fontes who is a member of Womens Rights Club, Black Lives Matter, Latinos Unidos soccer festival and is co-president of Schools for Africa- raising over 20k for a school in Camaroon.
The Middle School award went to Zac Poulin, 12, from the Bemet School.  He plays the piano for Not Bread Alone and the Unitarian Universalist Society.  He also participates in ‘giving gold’ with visits to nursing homes with piano and singing.
Treasurer Bonnie Isman provided a summary of the Club account balances.
Following is a summary of the discussion regarding changing our lunch venue.
We need good food, good parking, ease of access, good lighting and a comfortable environment in which we can hear speakers.
The ABC is making a separate room with a separate entrance for groups.  Because they are concerned about food waste, they have suggested a process whereby they e-mail a menu of 3 or 4 entrees to our members on Mondays and we each send back our pick by Monday evening.  Then on Tuesday we will start with a soup or salad and our choice of entrée will be brought to us.  For those who have not ordered, there would be food available. This is the plan we finally agreed to try, at least for a while.  We will try to get management to communicate better with us and we require no construction during our lunch time.
Meanwhile, Tina Berins is investigating other places for our lunch gathering and still has more to do.  She reported that Ginger Garden has good parking, room for lunch and more than just Chinese food.  They would like to have us – cost would be $13.50.  This seemed a good choice for many if the ABC doesn’t work out.
Monkey Bar/ Bistro 63 has a nice room but is upstairs and does not have good parking.
Johnny’s is too small
Hickory Ridge is open only 6 months and we might look into that place again for part of the year.  We have no food information.
UMASS might have a room with easy parking and catering……more to explore there.
Hotels nearby will be reviewed.
Lord Jeff is out of the ballpark with cost!
Bertucci’s was found unacceptable according to nearly ½ of the members present.  They cited the parking problems in town and the noise in the restaurant.
It was suggested also that we might try a month at different places.  Members felt that that would not work so well for our group.
The meeting of June 23 will be a discussion about a fundraiser.
Joan Hanson,