June 2

posted Jun 27, 2015, 11:43 PM by Amherst Club
Roger Webb opened the Amherst Club meeting of June 2, 2015.


Ruth Miller announced "Watermelon Wednesdays" in West Whately.

Buy your tickets online... If you need a ride to West Whately call Ruth
Miller at 253-9855. The music ranges from Bluegrass and Jazz to St
Petersburg Quartet.

Arthur Kinney  The Renaissance Center Garden Opening will begin with a concert by Note Bene Sunday, June 7 at 2 p.m.

Vivienne Carey introduced Lisa Cain, our speaker. She runs the website
Snack-Girl.com. She also wrote a book  Snack-Girl to the Rescue.

She went to General Mills to speak to the president of cereal. She asked
 why "Lucky Charms"  are so unhealthy for children. He replied that they
 have "Kix" are healthier. Lisa said, "this looks like dog kibble!"

Lisa received a Phd in 1997 in Biological Science from University of
Georgia. She moved to San Francisco in 1998 for the "dot com" revolution
 to change things in the world.  It collapsed. Lisa met her husband and
they decided to start a business. They developed the website "Baby food
101". It was a guide to making your own baby food. It is up.

She looked into making a website about making a website about
snacks...thus " "Snack-Girl.com". It was difficult to start a business
in San Fransisco. They looked all over the world...And then they chose
Amherst, Massachusetts !!! Why Amherst?  Many  people are progressive;
great schools - (clean and loving environments)- the perfect place for
children; Her husband loves the trails; real estate more reasonable (
compared to S.F. ,etc) ; -and it is close to Boston & New York.

Because the website was so successful, she was asked to write a book.. It is titled, "Snack-Girl to the Rescue."

Several people ordered her book. She promised to sign and send next week!

Tina Berins won the wine and Allen Hanson won the money.

Andrea Battle, your less than adequate scribe...please get well Linda- you are missed.