Sept 16: Janis Gray, on the Unitarian Universalist Society's Tiffany Window

posted Oct 22, 2014, 8:54 PM by Amherst Club
Sept 16: Janis Gray, Chair of the Unitarian Universalist Society's Stained Glass Committee. she will talk about the Tiffany "Angel of the Lilies": stained glass window.

The Amherst Club Luncheon of September 16, 2014
President, Roger Webb
Jean Miller and Arthur Kinney agreed to take care of hospitality cards to members.
Guests:  Billie Callahan the mother-in-law of our speaker
               Alison Wohler from the UUSA

Lois Barber won 1st place at the Storyslam at Hinges in Northampton.  The finals will be held at the Academy of Music on April 18th, 2015
Phyllis Lehrer, as the 1st Vice President for the League of Women Voters, announced a talk by Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse on “Building Communities”.  It will be held on Sept. 17 at 7:00 PM.
Claude Tellier needs luncheon speaker suggestions.
Vivienne Carey announced the Amherst Block Party on Thursday, Sept 18.
Paul Bacon encouraged the Club to find new members.
Nancy Brose is sending names to “Amherst Live” to consider as speakers.
Janis Gray spoke to us about the Tiffany Stained glass window restoration at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst on North Pleasant Street.  She called her talk “The Journey of the Wandering Angel  c.1889-2014.” She shared her research on the people who commissioned “The Angel of the Lilies”, its journey to Amherst from Roxbury, its construction, its restoration.
Interesting points included the following:
1)   The window has 3 layers of plated stained glass with air spaces between.
2)   It was designed to be viewed from inside and lit from sunlight.
3)    100% lead holds all the panes together and since the lead-strengthening silver had been removed from the material used, it would last only 100 years.
4)   Soot, seeds and soil between the layers were destroying the window.
5)   The window was sent to Schenectady for restoration, releading, etc.
6)   The Amherst Historical Commission and the Community Preservation Act gave $106,000 toward the $119,225 needed for the restoration.  Another $26,000 for new frames and LED lites was raised. It is now nicely lighted when seen from the street.
7)   The window is protected by double paned thermal glass.
A ribbon cutting celebration will be held on Oct. 1 from 2-6.  They are looking at ways to have the building open at regular times for visitors. A lovely brochure called “Amherst’s Stained Glass Treasure” is available that tells a detailed story of the window.
Susie Lowenstein won the wine.
Jim Scott won the $10
Joan Hanson, Scribe