January 7: Maxine Stein, Executive Director for Fisher Hospice Home.

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Maxine Stein, Executive Director, Hospice of the Fisher Home.

She will be talking about hospice in general, and particularly, that at the Fisher Home, which now serves people in their own residences.  The Fisher Home, unique in western Massachusetts, serves the whole Pioneer Valley. At present, the community program, offering hospice in private residences, is focused on the Amherst area.

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President Ellen Kosmer called the meeting of the Amherst Club to order at noon on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014. 

Ellen welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the New Year. She and the whole group gave a warm welcome back to Paul Bacon, who was unable to attend for several months.

Ellen reminded the members that she was passing around an envelope to collect tips for the ABC staff, so that anyone who did not have an opportunity to contribute before could do so. At the end of the meal the tips were presented to the staff, with everyone’s thanks for all their help during the year.

Ellen also reminded the board members that they would meet following lunch.

Ellen, Ruth Miller and other members thanked and congratulated Jim Wald for the excellent new web page he has created for the Club.

Guests: Elsie Fetterman introduced her guest, Dr. William Meyer, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at the University of Vermont. On the matter of guests, Registrar Jacquie Price reminded members that any guest who is a prospective member must be listed on the attendance sheet as such by noting “PM” next to their name, so that they will not be charged for lunch.

Activities: Vivienne Carey distributed a list of the following upcoming activities: January: The Boar's Head Festival, this Sunday 12th at 7:30pm, Trinity United Methodist Church, on Route 83 in Springfield. $25 Click on this link for more information: http://trinityspringfield.org/wp/?page_id=4958. February: Street Scene by Kurt Weill, Elmer Rice and Langston Hughes at the Rand Theater, UMass, Feb. 23 at 2 p.m., $8, a hybrid of theater, opera and poetry. March: Spring Bulb shows at Smith and Mount Holyoke. April: Visit - and ride! - the historic carousel in Heritage Park, Holyoke. May: Tour the State House, Bulfinch’s masterpiece on Beacon Hill. June: Visit the UMass Renaissance Center and gardens. For more information on these events, contact Vivienne at viviennecarey@comcast.net<mailto:viviennecarey@comcast.net> or 413-256-8677.

Announcements: Judy Brooks reminded members that on Friday Jan. 17th at 7 p.m. the Amherst Regional Middle School will present Project Unspeakable: Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK. On Saturday January 18th, ARMS will host the Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast, 9am-12 noon. Susie Lowenstein reminded members of an upcoming opportunity to purchase low-cost solar energy for their homes and businesses. See the attachment for information on Solarize Amherst, which will be introduced at a program, Solar 101, at the Town Room in the Town Hall at 6 pm on January 30. Therese Brady Donohue reminded members to continue bringing good items to her for the Love Notes Silent Auction. Wrapped items are particularly desirable. Snapshot: Andrea Battle shared an exciting year in Taiwan, teaching English and learning Chinese culture and language with her four-year old daughter.

Speaker: Andrea introduced our speaker, Maxine J. Stein, Executive Director of the Fisher House Hospice, who was accompanied by Monica Susskind, Community Program Manager. Maxine gave a very thoughtful and informative account of the purposes and processes of the Fisher House program, both at the residence and in patients’ homes. It was heartwarming to hear of the humane, patient-centered care offered to terminal patients and their loved ones.
Raffle: The bottle of Absent (not Absinthe) wine was won by Gordon Freed and the $10.00 by Phyllis Lehrer.

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