August 19: Eric Broudy

posted Aug 15, 2014, 8:17 PM by Amherst Club   [ updated Aug 20, 2014, 7:49 PM ]
Lunch Notes August 19, 2014

President Roger Webb welcomed us to lunch.

Carolyn Holstein's guest was Mary Latham. Nancy Brose's guest was her daughter Margarita Brose.

Roger announced that Amherst Club received a thank you letter for the $400 we contributed to the School Back Pack project.

Jake Bishop who has served at lunch as our Maitre De, head waiter, trouble shooter, and general aide will be ending such service this month. Jake will work in other capacities at ABC. He was given a round of applause.

Our Special Fund Raising (formerly Love Notes) Committee will meet next Tuesday at Jacquie Price's house. A reminder will be emailed.

There will be no lunch meeting next Tuesday, August 26, since it is the fifth Tuesday of the month. Next  lunch is September 2.

Judy Brooks announced that tomorrow is the last day to Register to vote in the Primary Election on September 9. October 9 will be the last day to Register to vote in the November election.

Phyllis Lehrer reminded members of the Community Band Concert this evening at 6 p.m. on the South Amherst Common.

Larry Siddall reminded members of the September Club Activity at the Renaissance Center September 6.
Andrea Battle announced that the September 2 lunch will be our sharing books program so bring a book or an idea to share.

Snapshot  Allen Hanson told us "The Tale of the Uninvited Guest."  One evening at his house in Shutesbury where they were putting on an addition, he and his dog saw a skunk tip toeing by in the house. He grabbed the dog before it could attack. Allen knew what he should do. He went and awakened Joan who had gone to bed. She told him what to do, so he followed her directions and then came to bed. In the morning the skunk was gone as was the cat food. The moral seemed to be "Treat a skunk kindly, as you would have the skunk treat you."

Speaker  Andrea introduced Oliver Broudy who spoke on "Can a Small Town Create Its Own Local Culture?" Oliver was a journalist who had been an editor for "Paris Review" and at the other end of the continuum, a writer for "Men's Health." His theme was that large cities like New York that were intellectual and cultural centers had many talented people but the positive energy and contacts were balanced by anxiety about recognition and status. His interest is in creating opportunities in smaller communities, with a culture of Amherst Club, to develop connections with others of various talents and experiences. He and others have created a show, Amherst Live, presented three times a year, to generate and share ideas. Their third program this year will be September 13 at Bowker Auditorium.

Raffle  Larry Siddall won the wine. Roger Webb won the $10.

Rachel Mustin, Scribe for the Day