The Amherst Club

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



To me, this is always the happiest and best Tuesday meeting of the year.  We have a full room of young and old who share a commitment to service and community.  This is, of course, the annual opportunity for the Club to give our checks of support to the human service agencies that are the recipients of this year's Love Notes proceeds.  At the same time, we honor them and thank them for what they mean to our community.

Today, representatives of the following agencies accepted their checks and said a few words about their agencies and their plans:

A Better Chance (kitchen improvements)

All Out Adventures (defibrillator)

Amherst Leisure Services Community Theater Program (children's tickets)

Amherst Housing Authority (smoking cessation program)

Amherst Survival Center (Thursday dinner program)

Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society (food for feline companions of elders)

Greenfield Community College (educational transitions for Amherst students)

Hampshire Health Connect (medical advice to low income and uninsured residents)

Jones Library ESL Center (conversation circles program)

Literacy Project (laptop/student activities)

Safe Passages (volunteer program)

Tapestry Health (mobile health van)

Not present but also supported was Youth Action Coalition (arts-for-change)

It was particularly interesting to note that several agencies noted that they are working together to provide services when clients' needs are complementary.

There were a number of announcements and I was unable to get all the details so I have listed the members who spoke so that those interested can get details from them:

The memorial gathering for Eve Schiffer will be this Sunday in the Middle School auditorium.

On March 30th a program presenting the pros and cons of Guantanamo detention will be held in Northampton.  Talk to Ruth Hooke for further information.

Claude Tellier told us about Water Day, of course a celebration dear to his heart.

Ruth Miller reminded us of various Amherst Club social activities, notice of which we received by e-mail.

Michael Greenebaum announced that Valley Light Opera will give a benefit performance on Friday, April 1st, for the Amherst Survival Center.  This will be at the Middle School auditorium at 7:30.   It is an opera, "The Zoo" by .Sullivan without Gilbert.

Vivienne gave us more information about our upcoming fashion show to benefit Hospice.  It will be at 2:30 on April 28th at the Munson Library in South Amherst.  Dee Waterman will be the MC.  I don't know the talent, but I'm sure it will be sultry and sexy.  Tickets from Vivienne at $15.

Ann Levinger was officially inducted and welcomed as a regular Club member.



Michael Greenebaum, note-taker