The Amherst Club

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Our speaker, Todd Cromack, began by recollecting that his fifth grade teacher in Pelham, Jean Miller, had sent him to the principal's office for misbehavior.  He also remembered that his high school chemistry teacher, Jim Scott, assigned a class full of itchy seniors a serious piece of work during the last week of school. 

In spite of everything, Todd said that he was a pretty good kid, and it was clear from his remarks today that he has turned into a very good man.  He has been associated with the Lions Club for twenty years and is at present trying to resuscitate the Amherst Chapter, which disbanded three years ago.  He currently has six members, and Amherst serves as a branch of the Northampton Club.

Todd spoke movingly of the work of the International Association of Lions Clubs.  It is focused on blindness and other problems of the eye around the world.  Local chapters participate in this work, but also support other charities in their local communities.  There are student chapters in colleges and universities, including UMass, and he is working with Amherst College to start a chapter there.  Many high schools have Leo Clubs, sponsored by the local Lions Club.  Both college and high school affiliates emphasize service in the community.

Our president, Vivienne Carey, is working to have a meeting of the heads of Amherst's civic organizations to explore ways in which we might work together, so chances are we will be seeing more of Todd in the future.

Joining us today as the guest of Ruth Hooke was Ann Levinger.

Cards for Hub Smith and Jacquie Price were circulated.  Hub is preparing for major heart surgery in Boston on Thursday.  Jacquie is enduring significant pain from her prior surgery.

Larry Siddall was welcomed back from Nicaragua, and promised to tell us more about his exciting week there with our sister city, La Paz.

Rachel announced a symposium on arts and music education in a time of budget cuts on Monday, March 7th 7 pm at the Eric Carle Museum.

Ruth Hooke told us about festivities in Northampton next Tuesday recognizing International Women's Day.  Call her for more details.

Vivienne would be glad to have help planning and carrying off our Tea and Fashion Show in support of Hospice.  It is planned for Thursday afternoon, April 28th.

Michael Greenebaum, note-taker