Rarely, but nevertheless every once in a while, circumstances are such that one lucks out and doesn’t have to work as hard on some project as was anticipated.  Today was one of those days for the Club’s Rotating Scribe, for there was no guest speaker, no raffle, not a single guest and just a few announcements, all blessedly short.  But in spite of those facts, there was much activity and wonderful camaraderie as we all patted ourselves on our backs for the resounding success of Love Notes 2011.  They were well-deserved tributes, and Co-Chairs Carolyn Holstein and Karin Wilburn basked in the glow of the accolades as they gave equal credit to the several committee chairs and scores of workers who made it all happen.  One of those deserves particular mention, and that is Tina Berins, without whose planning and experience combined with her dedication, work, skill and generosity, the Reception would have been nowhere near as successful as it was. And Tina does it year after year, getting better each time.  Thank you, Tina!!

     Announcements: President Vivienne Carey had put an envelope on each table for us to help support the Cambodian Water Project and possibly fund an Amherst Club Well, as suggested last week after Claude Tellier’s presentation on the subject.  Phyllis Lehrer told us that assorted plates, serving dishes, utensils, etc. that had been used at the Love Notes Reception were on the table at the rear of our meeting room for pickup by their owners.  Love Notes Tickets Guru Jim Scott announced that ticket receipts to date are just north of $10,000.  Overall Financial Guru and Math Whiz Roger Webb said that Allocations just might wind up with a figure in the neighborhood of $15,000 to give away.  (Allocations’ preliminary figures came to just under $13,000, so there will be some extra to distribute, probably.)  Jean Miller invited us to pick up discount coupons to Bueno y Sano from the back table.  And finally, the other Miller, Ruth, summarized the feeling of all by saying that we had pulled off a highly successful event in spite of the shaky weather. 

            Carolyn and Karin teamed up to run a Love Notes post mortem.  Each table was asked to list pros and cons of both the Performance and the Reception, and then a spokesperson for each table reported out.  The comments were collated by Karin, and the information will be passed on to the Board and next year’s staff.  Then Carolyn ran the purchase of surplus wine, but instead of the expected and usual auction, she followed the brilliant suggestion of Zina Tillona, which was to give everyone a number and then Carolyn would call out the numbers, and the folks with those numbers called would approach the table and pick what they wanted, at $5.00 per bottle but more would be accepted.  I had to leave at 1:20, in the midst of this, so I don’t know when the process ended, but I assume it was smooth and that all who wanted to received some lubrication.  

            As long as I have your rapt attention, I’ll close by sharing some information with you that the Board already knows but that the General Membership should also know: I will be out of action for some period of time after March 3 because I’ll be recuperating from open heart surgery on that date at Brigham & Women’s in Boston.  Dr. Michael Davidson will perform a couple of bypasses and repair an aortic aneurysm near where the aorta leaves the heart.  If all goes well, he predicts a week in the hospital, then some serious recuperation at home for a month followed by two or three more months of limited activity.  My paraplegia will hinder the healing process because I’ll not be able to use my arms as I have become accustomed to for locomotion assistance, to help in rising from chairs, etc.  I’ll be in your midst again as soon as I can be.  Until then, be well, be happy and be assured that I’ll miss you.    Much love, ---Hub  (Your Scribe for the Day)