September 28, 2010

Amherst Club Luncheon Meeting – Tuesday, September 28, 2010


President Vivienne Carey introduced us to the 39th Amherst ABC Annual Fall Foliage Walk along the Robert Frost Trail.  If you are not up to the 12 mile Challenge Walk there is a 5 K Fun Run as well.  It all happens on Saturday, October 16th..

Guest Introductions:

Doris Holden  - Shirley Lauder, a Town of Amherst staff member;

Phyllis Lehrer—Nigel Cox, her neighbor who is a retired UMass Prof. of Piano

Claude Tellier—Jana McClure who works for the Town of Amherst Community Development Committee.

Arthur Kinney—Diana and Otto Stein, long-term Amherst residents involved in town government, and Allison  Kiraly, new Program director at the Renaissance Center.

Honore David—Ruth Scott, her friend from the teaching field fifty years ago;

Roger Webb -- Frances Smith, a favored immigration lawyer—(His)


Ruth Miller – Band Day, Saturday, Nov. 6, UMass Stadium, $20.  Contact her, also re boat trip on the river on “The Lady Bee”.

Vivienne Carey is introducing a knitting course at the Renaissance Center.

Carolyn Holstein’s son’s group in the inner city of Boston has been granted a $100,000 Genius Award.

Lois Barbour’s collaboration with other international non-profit organizations on 44 N. Prospect Street will be honored at an open house on Thursday, Sept. 30, 6:30-8:30 pm..

Rachel Mustin – announces the new membership applications and brochures to be left on the table at the rear of the dining room.

Jacquie Price:  Chris Blauvelt has procured a graphic designer for the “Love Notes” program on a gratis basis.

Hubbard Smith announced that allocations letters for “Love Notes” are in the mail.

Diana Stein – The Amherst Flag Design Contest will be advertised on the town’s web site.

Claude Tellier – Contact him at 256-1721 to RSVP for the Cambodian Water Project dinner at the Pulpit Hill Co-Housing Project on Oct. 2, 5:30-8:30 pm

Jim Wald – Hampshire College   presents Michael Arad, designer for the 9/ll Memorial on September 30th at  Hills North 105.  Contact

New Member: Bill Vickery

Bill Vickery and Hubbard Smith met once another 57 years ago, thanks to a collaboration of their mothers at Amherst College..  Bill returned to Amherst College as Development Director in 1988 when Hub served as Alumni Director.   Currently he is a Director of Development at Applewood .Retirement Center.


The speaker of the day Mohammed Ibrahim Flgadi, Coordinator of the Amherst chapter of Amnesty International  had been detained for 118 days in the Sudan where he went to investigate  the arrest of those  alleged to have been involved in the 9/11 attacks.  Media attention surrounding Mohammed’s arrest and the ensuing appeals for his release were proof that protests are effective. 

The mission of Amnesty International with its two million workers in 150 countries represents the ideals of universal rights.  Under their banner leaders of affected countries are kept accountable for acts of torture and domestic violence, violations of human rights and the prevalence of poverty, as well as attention to those affected by the death penalty.  Currently the Amherst Chapter is giving its attention to two cases of concern:   Prime Minister of Egypt who is unable to take office and the Troy Davis case involving the death penalty.  Each Saturday AI mounts a table on the Amherst Common where petitions are signed seeking justice for these cases and others around the globe.  The message is—LETTERS MATTER.

Submitted by:

Nancy Brose, Scribe