September 21, 2010

The Amherst Club showed its colors- red, white and blue to honor our new
citizens Vivienne Carey and Roger Webb. There was crepe paper, balloons,
napkins and cake in the requisite colors as well as the outfits of club
Roger and Vivienne told us about the ceremony in Fenway Park. Mike and Glen
led us in song and Rachel quizzed us on famous quotes.
Guests: Linda Smith Beata Schuster.
Bill Vickery will be inducted next week.
Tina Berins said there are 45 students but only 20 plus hosts for the
Hospitality Program. Call her to volunteer.
Dee Waterman paid tribute to George Parks UMass Band leader for 33 years.
The History of the Book, a free day-long conference will be held at the
Renaissance Center Saturday.
Mount Holyoke has an exhibit on wine, worth seeing.
Emily Dickinson Open House Saturday with poetry marathon, talks.
Volunteer for WFCR fund drive Thursday Oct. 21 from 4-6:30 p.m. Call Phyllis
Death Penalty meeting Thursday, 7 p.m. Grace Church
LWV Biomass meeting  Thursday, 7:15 p.m. Middle School auditorium.
 Jim Brassord Amherst College facilities director spoke about the many
projects at the college.When he arrived in 1997, some of the buildings were
looking tired adn littel work had been done since the 60s. The trustees knew
they had to invest in the campus.  One goal is to ensure preserving the
historic fabric with adaptive reuse. One example Charles Pratt began as a
gym, became the geology department and museum and is now a dorm. Another
example: Fayerweather designed by McKim, Meade and White a century ago. The
renovation is invisible.
All frosh dorms are now around the quad to build community. All 33 dorms
will be upgraded. A dorm from the 60's may be demolished as will the Merrill
Science Building. The new science building will be the largest project in
the college's history. It will be underway in two years.
The Jeff will open this spring with a 200-seat banquet space and four break
out rooms. The tent will be behind the Alumni House. The restaurant will
stand on its own with an emphasis on farm to table cuisine.
The college keeps environmental issues in mind hoping to serve as a model
for students when they move on. The campus recycles, has a co generation
plant that saves $1 million a year, has Zip cars, composts dining food.
The Fiber Arts Building may be used for administrative offices, the Mead Art
Museum has a finite life, the music building needs to be expanded and
accessible. Some of these projects are very long term and the design process
will be inclusive everyone will participate.
 Ruth won the wine, Miriam won the raffle.
Your scribe
Phyllis Lehrer,