September 14, 2010

The Amherst Club met Sept. 14 at the Hickory Ridge Country Club. Vice
President Hub Smith presided.
Guests: Joan Laird, Amanda Roberts, Thomas Myers.
Ellen Kosmer was thanked for the pot luck at her home. Ruth Miller sent a
separate email on this and activities.
Rachel Mustin sent separate email on the red, white and blue celebration
next week, so won't repeat details.
It's Primary Day, vote
The Allocations and Program Committees met after lunch.
Tina Berins said hosts are needed for international students. (not a
residential program)
The Trivia Bee is Oct. 28. Call Harrison if you want to be on the club's
team. We need 4.
Dan Melley of Rotary provided a nice tribute for Gerry Grady, one of the
club's founder's who died recently. Gerry started the community breakfast
and volunteered for many causes and events that made Amherst a better place.
Dan shared anecdotes and called him the spirit of Amherst and that is a very
good description.
Speaker Steve Kallaugher, a native of Leeds, was a screen writer, wrote
educational material for the army, had a marketing firm in New York, was
creative marketing director for the Wall Street Journal and has acted
He joined the Peace Corps in 2004 in Swaziland, a land-locked country in
South Africa working on HIV/AIDS projects. He established a feeding station
for 80 orphans and with the help of the Red Cross had five homes built for
the orphans.
He provided some jaw-dropping statistics. Life expectancy dropped from 60 to
32, over 42 percent of adults have HIV/AIDS, unemployment is 45 percent, 70
percent live on $1 a day, it costs $800 a year for school tuition, 7 percent
of children are HIV positive. There is a pattern of multiple concurrent
sexual partners. A whole middle generation has been lost to AIDs leaving
125,000 orphans some of whom are raised by grandparents.
From his experience Steve came back to the US and founded the Young Heroes
Foundation. It provides monthly stipends for food and clothing for 1,000
orphans through direct sponsorships. All the money goes directly to the
families and there are six staff three of whom visit family to ensure this.
There is a scholarship fund. The foundation runs two camps in partner with
Newman's Hall in the Wall Gang Foundation.   HIV tests are offered.
 He returns to Swaziland periodically. Since it is a small country everyone
knows each other. He does speak the language.  Education uses the British
system and is supposed to be free for the primary grades, 1-3, but the
government is lax. It's an absolute monarchy, one of two in the world.
A Swazicycle fund raiser netted $100,000. It will be repeated along with a
group that will build playgrounds. For details and sponsorships visit:
Ellen won the wine, June won the raffle.
WFCR is holding its pledge drive Oct. 16-27. Club members volunteered last
time. Dates available Oct.18, 20, 21 from 4-6:30 p.m. If interested call
Phyllis Lehrer 253-5179 with best dates and we could put a group together,
need 3-5. Thanks.
 Phyllis Lehrer