November 9, 2010



President Vivienne tore herself away from the scrod and green beans and called us to order at 12:55 P.M.  Her first order of business was to ask Rachel Mustin to introduce our newest member to us, Judy Brooks.  Judy has been a long-time Amherst resident and has been involved in many activities.  You name it; Judy has done it.  And she seems to have already known more than half the people in the room.  Welcome, Judy!  

There were no Guests today, but Vivienne ably filled that time slot with several announcements:  A summary of last week’s Board Meeting contained the info that the Endowment stands at about $13K and needs building if the income from it is ever going to be meaningful enough to be used for charitable purposes.  Also, the Love Notes Allocations Committee has completed its work and is in the process of notifying all the applicants of the results.  And we need a volunteer to send the customary cards to members who are ill, have had major changes in their lives, etc.  At the meeting today, Cynthia Brubaker volunteered for this.  Thank you, Cynthia. 

Vivienne also told us of the formation of two sub-committees: one to look at fundraising in general with an eye on Love Notes as well as other possibilities large or small, etc.  Chaired by Phyllis Lehrer, it’s primarily information-gathering at this point.  The other sub-committee will look at the Endowment: should we keep it, how will it best be managed and/or made more meaningful, etc.  Then she told us of a meeting on November 18 regarding the growing menace of the Asian Long-Horned Beetle.  Everyone is urged to attend to learn how to recognize the beetle as well as learn what to do to save our trees.  7PM on the 18th in Room 203 of the Holdsworth Building at UMass. 

Continuing, she announced for Arthur Kinney that on November 10, tomorrow, at 4PM in the Ren Center Reading Room, Philip Palmer, Rare Books Curator, will have a “Rare Book Show and Tell”, co-sponsored by the Amherst Woman’s Club.  And on November 12, also at the Center and at 7PM, there will be a Family Game Night, featuring a variety of fun games from or inspired by the Renaissance.  There will be prizes and refreshments, and of course children are welcome.  Both events are free and open to the public. 

Not finished yet, Madam President then read off the names of the eight new members who have joined us since our formal drive began.  We are excited and delighted to have: Allen Hanson, Charles Stevenson, Bill Vickery, Linda Chalfant, Amanda Lange, Frances South, Judy Smith and Judy Brooks.  Welcome, All!!

            And finally, check the WebSite for photos of the ABC Walk.  And does anyone have pictures taken at the Trivia Bee which could be put on the Site?  If so, call Vivienne.

            Then others had Announcements:  Carolyn Holstein:  Go to VLO’s Iolanthe.  It’s wonderful; our Michael Greenebaum and Glen Gordon are superb!  Sadly, Eva Shiffer is quite ill.  Cynthia Brubaker: See Iron Jawed Angels tonight at 6:45PM in Fayerweather at Amherst College.  Ruth Miller: Band Day at UMass football was great.  Let her know of other possible activities and she’ll try to get a group together. 

            Chris Blauvelt: IMPORTANT—Local break-ins are spreading; now have hit Amherst Woods.  Be sure to lock all doors, windows and vehicles whether at home or not.  Report suspicious activity.   Nancy Brose: as a Rotary Wife, be aware that this is Auction Weekend. Follow the fun on ACTV.  Buy something.  Jim Scott: our friend Dick Mudgett fell and broke a hip visiting in New Jersey.

            Except for all the Announcements, there was no Speaker today.  No time for one!  It had been pre-planned that today would be Love Notes Day, with the various committees meeting to continue working on their respective activities.  We held the Raffle before the committees started.  Roger Webb probably won the wine.  (Last I knew, he was still looking for his ticket stub!)  And your faithful scribe, yours truly, won the cash.     Love to all, ---  Hub