June 1, 2010

The Amherst Club

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Writing these notes has been tough, since I am only using one hand.  The other hand is caressing two opulent balls of yarn I was fortunate enough to win in a lottery presented by our guest speaker, Meta Nisbet.  Meta offered a fascinating introduction to fiber arts in our area.  It turns out that many Club members are or have been knitters, embroiderers, crocheters, needlepointers and rug-hookers, and their interest in Meta's presentation confirmed her self-description as a local drug lord, feeding the addictions of yarn lovers.

For those of us not yet addicts, there was much fascination, including the various yarns spun from plants.  One of the yarns I won was bamboo, with a touch and luster unlike any yarn I have known.  For those who are committed to this handcraft, it provides a peaceful and practical pastime.  To those for whom it seems a relic of olden times, Meta noted that technology brings fabric-addicts from all over the world together.  She mentioned especially ravelry.com  as a popular site.

There are more than one hundred fiber farms in Western Massachusetts.  In our immediate area there are sixteen fiber shops.  A number of local authors have written popular books on aspects of fiber crafts.  Bus tours bring visitors with money to local yarn shops; the fiber arts clearly contribute to the local economy.

Meta was accompanied today by her husband, John.  We welcomed Elsie Fetterman's friend, Herb Banner.  Julienne Dupree was the guest of Nancy Brose, and former Amherst resident Rosemary Schiff was the guest of Phyllis Lehrer.

Next week's meeting is the Annual Meeting of The Amherst Club.  Officers and Board Members will be elected.  A number of other matters will be brought to the attention of the membership.  We are at an important juncture in the Club's history, and the Board urges members to attend next week's meeting.

Michael Greenebaum, Note-taker