July 27, 2010


July 27, 2010



President Vivienne Carey opened the meeting with the following announcements:

A reminder that, as a cost-cutting measure, Club members will meet for lunch only twice in August, on the second and fourth Tuesdays.  The dates we will meet are August 10 and August 24.

A memorial service in honor of Nancy Foster will be held on Sunday, Aug. 8, at 2 pm at Wesley Methodist Church on No. Maple Street, Hadley.

The Board will meet at Vivienne and Roger’s home next Tuesday, Aug. 3, where munching of brown-bag lunches brought by Board members will begin at noon, with business commencing at 12:30 pm.

Hampshire Shakespeare will present The Tempest this Wednesday (July 28) through Sunday (July 31) at the Hartsbrook School.



Rachel Mustin introduced her friend, Susan Lewandowski.

Joan Hanson introduced her husband and first-time Amherst Club guest, Allen Hanson.


More announcements:

Ruth Miller stated that August 10 is the last time to bring supplies or checks for the Club’s Backpack Project (which is now joined with other such projects for local schools).

Zina Tillona will host a meet, greet, and eat at her home on Sunday, July 31, in support of David Sullivan, candidate for Amherst Sheriff.

Karen Wilburn called for members to affix their names to committee(s) on the Sign-up List at each table for Love Notes 2011, reminding us that the next and the last times to sign up will be at our lunches on August 10 and 24.



Phyllis Lehrer introduced long-time Leisure Services and Supplemental Education (LSSE) director, Linda Chalfant.  Ms. Chalfant introduced her assistant, Tommie Lark, current Wesleyan College student and future dentist.

            Ms. Chalfant’s talk was titled, “Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?”  She noted that LSSE as configured today was formed by a merger of separate units in Amherst in 1982 and that it currently serves approximately 50,000 local residents a year, from pre-school-age children to retirees, at large events, through its sports programs, and in educational classes.   

In managing this multifaceted organization, Linda remains alert to its primary focus of accessibility for all comers.  LSSE, she stated, sees itself as a social service agency, different from school, and committed to enriching the experience of community for all participants.  She acknowledged that, especially in the current financial climate, LSSE struggles to keep the cost of attending its programs affordable and is always seeking new ways to raise funds.


Linda described LSSE’s presence in Amherst as an economic-development driver that attracts and partners with businesses and assists with job readiness, especially with young people.  LSSE offers affordable fitness and health opportunities, outlets for conflict resolution mainly through sports, and arts appreciation.  Five hundred volunteers assist throughout LSSE’s programs.

In response to questions, Linda reviewed why the added cost for non-Amherst LSSE participants is kept at a reasonable level, affirmed that playing fields and other LSSE venues are available for hire, and acknowledged that the top floor of the Bangs Center is now providing rental income for LSSE. 


Tina Berins won the wine and Joan Hanson, the $10.


Note-taker Jacquie Price