February 2, 2010

Notes - February 2, 2010

Elizabeth Barker, the new director of the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College, gave what she called "a shameless sales pitch" but what I would call a spectacular sales pitch.  She made it clear why this priceless museum and its significant collections are such a treasure for our area.  During term, the museum is open until midnight most nights and parking becomes possible after late afternoon.  She urged community members to write "grouchy letters" to the college administration to make access to the Museum easier for visitors.

It is clear that the Museum is making tremendous efforts to become a relevant resource for Amherst College students and faculty.  She gave many examples of this, which may be found in the annual report of the museum available on-line at www.amherst.edu/museums/mead.  Members were invited to consider joining the Friends of the Mead Art Museum.

In other Club business, President Larry Siddell gave us a combined geography and Spanish lesson.  Members were urged to post Love Notes posters in shops and other public places.  Jim Scott told us that ticket sales for Love Notes were lagging behind prior years and Jacquie Price exhorted us to get out and SELL!

Isaac ben Ezra told us that ACTV now has an on-line presence: www.actvamherst.com.  Bonnie Isman announced that the annual valentine baskets are available for viewing and bidding at the Jones Library.  Arthur Kinney announced that the Spring semester is now under way at the Renaissance Center.  Ruth Miller, returned from an extensive absence, thanked the Club and members for their friendship and support during her illness.

At the Board meeting that followed, two items should be mentioned.  First, the Board asked that the lunch notes be sent again to members via e-mail as well as posted on the Club's website.  The notes from January are available on the web site, but from now on they will be sent out by e-mail.

Second, Jacquie Price, who is the Nominations Chair, will be away for a bit starting in mid-March when the nomination process usually begins.  She asks that Club members willing to serve as a committee head and thus a member of the Board let her know.  The Board urges new members and others who have not ever served on the Board to step forward.  The Club needs you.  The Officers and Committee Chairs are as follows:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Activities, Archives, Attendance, Love Notes, Lunch minutes, Membership, Nominations, Program, Registrar.

Enjoying the meeting as guest of Hub Smith were his wife, Linda, and his friend, Bill Vickery.  Also a guest was Teddy O'Connor of the Mead Art Museum staff.

Michael Greenebaum, Note-taker