December 14, 2010

Amherst Club Luncheon Meeting—Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Roger Webb was a stand-in for President Vivienne, yet recovering.  She promises an appearance at the meeting next week with the Amherst High School Chorale offering their musical Christmas..

Phyllis Lehrer introduced speaker Jill Johnson, Director of the Hitchcock Center for the Environment, an independent non-profit educational center celebrating its fifty years of service to the community, 

Jill quoted Richard Louv, the author of “Last Child in the Woods” whose concern with widespread “nature deficit disorder” refers to nearly-extinct healthy outdoor play.

The emphasis of the Center which serves 6,000 in the Pioneer Valley is to increase the priority and importance of environmental education in our schools and in our community.  Referring to the Sawmill River Stewards program at Montague Center School and a three-year intensive program as a model, Jill urged us to serve as advocates in environmental literacy and further involvement in our area schools.

She reminded us of the dawning awareness of our earth’s limits and how the process will affect human evolution. That involves us as learners, consumers and voting citizens.  ( I refer you to “The Coming Flood” editorial by Don Robinson in the  December 15th Daily Hampshire Gazette.)


Miriam Mepham introduced her guest, her daughter-in-law Amanda Roberts.

Tina Berins read a moving piece from her junior high school yearbook, autographed by the very same Dick Holbrook whose obituary had rocked the media that very day.

( His history in global diplomacy  took up ten pages in the Washington Post, I’m told.)

Ruth Miller reminded us that tickets for Love Notes spell out giving to the twelve organizations we support in substantial practical terms, i.e. projects and not operational line items.

Phyllis Lehrer thanked Bill Vickery for co-chairing the ever-so-successful evening with Garrison Keeler, a glittering fund-raiser for the Emily Dickinson Homestead.

Cynthia Brubaker exclaimed over her ACTV interview with Phyllis Lehrer (Adrienne Terrizzi was also involved).  It’s a Neighbor-to-Neighbor piece soon to be released.

Caroline Holstein is immobilized at home with a broken toe.

New Members:  Betty Lange, a newcomer to Amherst, whose daughter Amanda introduced her to the Amherst Club, and Debbie Windoloski, co-owner of Carmelina’s. Both are gardeners and cat lovers.

Walter Denny, a long-time member has resigned as he travels on Tuesdays.

Nancy Brose, Scribe