August 24, 2010

The Amherst Club - Notes

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I really enjoyed today's meeting.  It showed that we have hidden riches in our Club; we have lots to offer new members, not only in terms of our purposes but because we are interesting people.  I hope we do this more often.

Flo Stern introduced us to some iconic women for progressives in the United States.  Mother Jones, Sojourner Truth and Ruth Schneiderman spoke to us in their own voices through Flo's dramatic monologues.  Flo's very interesting personal history includes major involvement with the labor movement, particularly around women's issues.  Before that, she had been a Registered Nurse and a Psychiatric Nurse.  She moved to Amherst in 1993 to live with her life partner, Nancy Deprosse; in 1994 they were married.  I lost track of how many children they raised and fostered, but they have eight grandchildren.  Quite a life, but here's the kicker - she plays poker.

Karin Wilburn introduced herself as a Minnesota girl, with the appropriate accent.  She and Randall recently celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary.  She was a Montessori teacher and administrator for 23 years, which well prepared her to participate in the growth of her four grandchildren, on whom she dotes.  Moving to Amherst was at first difficult for Karin.  She had enjoyed the life of a pastor's wife with the instant friendships that entailed.  But she faced down those difficulties, and one thing led to another - or perhaps I should say, one friend led to another.  She is now at the center of many organizations and activities, as attested by her willingness to take on the general chairmanship of Love Notes 2011.

President Vivienne Carey repeated her email invitation for members to come to hers and Roger's home next Tuesday from 5-6:30, since there is no lunch meeting next week.  The thought is that many members, especially Associate Members, find it difficult to attend lunchtime meetings; perhaps this provides an opportunity for them to feel connected to the Club, and vice versa.

Several Love Notes committees need members.  Jean Miller made a special request for members of the Party Committee.  Tina Berins announced an October 2 Welcome for international students at the Bangs Center.  Hosts are needed.  Claude Tellier announced a fundraising dinner for the Cambodia Water Project on October 2 at the co-housing center.

Michael Greenebaum, Note-taker