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December 29, 2009

The meeting was devoted to a discussion of the financial status of the Club and the need to take significant action immediately.  Members in attendance filled out a survey.  Here are the results:


Membership Survey Tally Sheet

Increasing Revenues

1.  Would you pay $110 a quarter for dues, including 13 lunches?


       Probably_____ 8

       Probably not__ 3



2.  If dues structure remains as it is (which rewards good attendance), would you make a voluntary and anonymous contribution of $5 a week to cover the subsidy?


     Probably_____ 4

     Probably not__15



3.  If the Board created a new category of supporting membership with a higher dues structure (say, $175) alongside our active membership ($100), would you become a supporting member?

    Yes_________ 2

     Probably____  2

     Probably not_13



4a.  Would you pay $20 a quarter for dues to support Club operating expenses and then pay $13 a week for lunch on a pay as you go basis?


     Probably____ 13

     Probably not_  5

     No_________  7


4b.  Under this arrangement, do you think you would attend luncheon meetings

     About as often as I do now____19

     Less often than now_________ 18


The above options, 1 through 4, are ideas that have been discussed in the Future of the Club group. Please rank them in terms of your preference.

                                        1                        2                        3                        4


            1st choice____55%_____9%_________3%________33%______



            2nd choice____31%____25%________13%________31%______



            3rd choice____11%_____26%________44%_______19%_____



            4th choice_____4%______32%________43%_______21%______

                                    3.41                  2.19                1.79                        2.81


Decreasing costs - Would you like the Club to consider eliminating August meetings (without reducing fees)             

Yes  28  No     7


eliminating 2 Aug mtgs (without reducing fees)                              

Yes  26  No     1

moving to a twice a month schedule                                      

Yes   16  No     11

 finding a less expensive venue                                    

Yes    13  No      18


changing to a brown bag lunch                               

Yes      5  No       24

moving to a late afternoon wine/cheese format                      

Yes     5  No      26